Worum es bei uns geht

Come and enjoy a class of classic yoga to all levels in English language! All levels are welcome!

I enjoy seeing the progress and overcoming of difficulties from my students. To enable this I allocate time for personal coaching. We'll build on classic tantra yoga techniques including asana, pranayama, bandhas, visualisations and chakra meditations..

Please arrive 5 minutes before starting time so to get ready and get a short relaxation we like to begin with. I will ask for an energy exchange of €15 (waged) to €10 (not waged/students). Love and good vibes are very welcome additions!

I would be very happy to see you coming! We have mats, blankets and cushions but you can bring your mat and whoever you want to bring with you.

Ramdas 015758310829

After long years practicing yoga during his career in the performing arts, Ram Das was educated as a yoga teacher in the Madurai Sivananda ashram in India, where he followed training and was eventually given the title of Yoga Acharya (500hrs) before he became part of the teaching staff. He periodically returns to India to keep deepening his sadhana and training, as well as perfecting his teaching skills. He teaches in Berlin and internationally.

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