N3XTCODER Meetup Fintech 4 Impact with Visa @Spielfeld Digital Hub


What is the role of financial technologies in social innovation?

How to develop new solutions that harness digital technologies, advanced analytics and open data to create social impact?

Financial services are at the very heart of our global economy and the sector has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years fueled by digital innovations.

Get an inside into the current state of the world of financial technologies and how we can maximize their potential for positive social impact

Join our discussion with leading experts in FinTech on the 3rd of September at Spielfeld Digital Hub.

Our Speakers:

David Lais
Managing Director & Founder at Organisation für nachhaltigen Konsum

David is a technology enthusiast. His companies specialise in the field of cashless payment transactions, and he has already won several innovation awards in this area. The idea of the OfnK algorithm came to him after he realised that it is far too complicated to live sustainably. The whole problem got him involved so much that he simply had to found OfnK.

Mayank Somaiya
Senior Director and Head of Strategic Initiatives on the Ventures team for Visa in Europe

The team focuses on identifying, investing, developing and commercializing relationships with strategic partners capable of extending the reach and capabilities of Visa's payment network globally; further including innovation, partnerships and ventures for impact.

Inas Nureldin
Founder & CEO at Tomorrow GmbH

Inas Nureldin had the idea for Tomorrow when he asked himself for the first time: What does our money do all the time? And how could we use it to create positive change? Ina’s response was to found Tomorrow. Using technology to achieve positive impact has been his key interest for some time. Now is the time to change the banking market in this way too.

Sanika Nele Hufeland
Managing Director at the Institute for Social Banking

Economist Sanika Nele Hufeland is Managing Director and Network Strategist at the Institute for Social Banking - a membership organisation for education, networking and research in the field of sustainable banking and finance. She is also the initiator of the Conscious FinTech Meetups in Berlin and co-founder of an international women's network in the alternative financial system.

Alexander Molé
Head of Strategic Partnerships at Neufund

Neufund is a blockchain-based investing and fundraising platform. Alexander is responsible for shaping and executing Neufund’s business and corporate development initiatives, as well as overseeing the Investor Relations team, including shareholder, investor and token holder acquisition and management.


Tuesday, 3rd of September at 6.45pm until 9.30pm at Spielfeld Digital Hub Berlin

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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