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IMPORTANT: This group is closing soon, and moving to my Main Meetup: "Coming Home - Spiritual Community Practice". Please make sure to join my main meetup here (https://www.meetup.com/SpiritualPracticeCommunity/). It will include all Numerology seminars and courses and much more.


This group is about using the science and art of Numerology, to get to learn ourselves, know our unique structure, connect with our soul's path and learn how to live in alignment with our destiny.

Numerology was developed by the genius and well known mathematician Pythagoras who is considered the father of Numerology. By using your date of birth and full name you can learn so much about yourself.

As a matter of fact, you can know what you are here to do in this life, what makes you most happy and in tune with yourself and what are the challenges you are facing and might face in the future.

Numerology is an ancient and complete system, thousands of years old that is very accurate. It can also help you take the right actions in your life in the right timing.

By studying Numerology you give yourself a tool for life, like a compass that can guide you to the best flowering possible for you.

We will have varying meetups where we will explore people's core numbers and explain them, I will teach you important calculations so you can know more about yourself, your friends and family. The numerology method we'll be using was developed by my numerology teacher Sharon Ron (from Israel). The method is called 'Psychodynamic Numerology - The human body Method'.

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