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• Offering a platform for inspiration and learning for OKR-fans and interested people who want to exchange with other people about the OKR-surrounding topics

• This is the international group (language: English), you also find a German group here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OKR-Remote/

• Connect OKR beginner and OKR experienced people to learn from each other. Some meetups will focus more on beginner topics, other more on advanced topics

• There will be a mix of impulses and time for exchanging thoughts together. We might experiment with various formats to adjust the virtual meetup to your needs as good as possible. Still learning here for ourselves.

• We (Sonja+Natalija) want to participate through continuously looking for next topics and speakers and also feel responsible for the virtual/remote setup regarding technology and meeting concepts. We wish for participants that also bring in their experiences and offer insights into their OKR usage every now and then to bring the exchange concept to life.


SONJA ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonja-mewes-960956b7/ )

founded the brand Beautiful Future ( http://okr.beautifulfuture.de/ ), a consulting and training provider and proud part of the SOULWORX collective. Ideally based on a clear and strong Purpose, Sonja and her experienced partners accompany organizations during their implementation and development of impactful, individual and agile strategy and goal systems.

Her purpose: Inspire and facilitate for an impactful and self-efficacious, beautiful future. As a consultant, she would never assume to know it best, but to ask the right questions and find bright ideas, that the companies would need to test and reflect by themselves with guidance.

Sonja fell in love with tools like OKR after a traditional business education (MBA) and ten years of management experiences in the digital media and e-commerce industry, where many contrary experiences strongly triggered her attention for new ways of meaningful and impactful working. As co-host of the OKR Forum Hamburg and remote OKR Expert Meetup-Groups, she discusses various of those opportunities through OKRs and other innovative working tools with an inspiring community. Sonja worked with over 20 companies (from corporate to startup, mainly with tech- or agency background), that either implemented OKR or developed their OKR systems after a joint audit.

NATALIJA ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalijahellesoe/ ):

is a Trainer, HR Professional, Agile Coach, and Chance taker. Her experience reaches from HR project management, people development to change management and communication. After experiencing the potential working with innovative and agile methods in people teams herself, she is driven to inspire more organizations to rethink traditional structures, processes, and ways of working. Natalija believes, that today's challenges and possibilities need a new mindset and new tools and wants to encourage and enable people by training and coaching to take responsibility and create a new (working) future in organizations and beyond!

She gained practical OKR knowledge while working with OKR within HolidayCheck, a German e-commerce company, where she trained the OKR Champions and created support structures for individuals and teams together with the OKR Leads. The main goal of using OKR at this time has been to replace the former traditional performance and goal management system, but has evolved to improving communication and collaboration throughout the company.

Moreover, as an HR professional, Natalija has deep knowledge of (the challenges of) traditional goal setting processes and what it takes to shift from that to approaches like OKR. Today she supports companies on their OKR journey from first "know-how" workshops to OKR expert trainings and process facilitation.
Today, she is also an accredited trainer for ICAgile's "Agile Talent" and "Agile Leadership" trainings, supports (HR) teams on their first steps towards new ways of working and promotes flexible, value-driven forms of collaboration at international conferences and organizes meetups in various cities to create platforms for like-minded people to share and learn from each other. Through this work, she built up a broad knowledge and connection base of people and companies who are experimenting with OKRs, that she will bring into the meetups.

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OKR for project-driven organizations (advanced)


This meetup will focus on advanced OKR-topics. Agenda: > 1 OKR case of an agency, that changed the way they work with OKR. From strategic topics only to also including client projects. > Your questions > Joint learnings and tips around OKR & projects This Meetup will take place virtually / remote via Zoom. It would be best for the later participation in the meetup to use a Zoom app for your computer or mobile. No licenses needed. Link: https://zoom.us/j/989661821 We will collaboratively work with Mural (browser version sufficient). We will provide the respective link during the meetup. No licenses required. Who wants to know more about Mural in advance is invited to watch their introduction webinar: https://mural.co/webinars

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