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Nature 2.0: Public data & AI networks for data commons
For this meetup we are thrilled to welcome speakers from Parity, Puraqvo, and Kryha. As always, pizza and beer are on us. Doors open at 6:45pm, we start at 7:00pm sharp. Nature 2.0 aims for an ownerless layer of natural resources and intelligent agents that promote sustainable public utilities in a world of abundance. The events leading up to use case experimentation will focus on the development of building blocks for a new form of social paradigm called Nature 2.0. In this first meetup we are going to address the following issue: How do we access decentralized IT? Talk 1: Tools for Blockchain Innovation Thibaut Sardan, Product Owner @ Parity.io Scalability, security, isolated blockchains, and a lack of governance are holding back blockchain innovation. Substrate and Polkadot aim to resolve these blockages and make it easier than ever for blockchain architects to create the future. Thibaut will review how these technologies work and how you can use them to create ecosystems never before possible. Talk 2: Waterhives Liviu Mantescu, Founder @ Puraqvo Be – belonging and containing Act – intelligence and instinct Flow – beacting and presence The three categories above are necessary to understand a hive. How the three categories operate in a concreate situation? An example will be given: Puraqvo – a swarm of sensors measuring water quality in agriculture. The result is a waterhive: a distributed, self-governing entity which reproduces itself using humans as incubators. Talk 3: Understand & engage with Blockchain Technology Tobias Disse, CEO & Co-Founder @ Kryha Join us for our event series prior to the world biggest blockchain hackathon taking place in April 2019. http://www.blockchaingers.org More Details will follow soon, you can also check: www.nature2.ooo. This series of Nature 2.0 meetups is a cooperation between Ocean Protocol and Nature 2.0.

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Let's talk blockchain and society, tech, governance. Hosted by Ocean Protocol.

If you'd like to give a talk, please reach out to daniel@bigchaindb.com.

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