Nächstes Meetup

Monthly Games Afternoon / Evening In Wechloy
Same as always, feel free to bring games and we'll decide what to play spontaneously. Hope to see you there, Tobias

Tobias' place

Johann-Justus-Weg 136 · Oldenburg

Worum es bei uns geht

We're an English-speaking board game group here in Oldenburg. Join us to play some great games together, improve your English in a fun way or just to meet new people.

We usually play Euro style board games (think Settlers of Catan, Pandemic or Isle of Skye), but you're welcome to bring any game you like.

We have a regular meetup on every 3rd Friday of the month, but anyone is also welcome to host additional events of their own; if you want to, just send us a message with the details and we'll set up the event on here.

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