Worum es bei uns geht

Let's get together to chill, play and enjoy the weather :)

Want to have fun, move your body a bit and connect with new and old friends outside in the nice weather this weekend? PERFECT!

This group is all about harnessing the deep wisdom found in PLAY through MOVEMENT.
See this as a fun way to meet new delightful people in Berlin this weekend...WHILE dropping any heaviness from the week and enjoying laughing at yourself.
*Playing* comes naturally to all of us, but as adults we prioritize duties duties duties, and somehow, the magic and wonder of life, the natural awe we had as children...seeing life as a playground of infinite possibilities...this view point disappeared.
Playing reminds us that: we're all much more similar than we are different, everyone can laugh, it's safe to be laughed at, there's so much fun to be had, we're all uniquely creative. Playing expands us to new opportunities we were closed off to before.


This is Intuitive, self directed play. No one is expected to do anything, however...doing something new, something uncomfortable, something foolish, taking a risk...is quite healthy for our inner growth and imperative to creative the life we WANT.

Frisbee, foot races, goofy dance, tag, hind and go seek, blowing bubbles, ping pong and frisbee are on the table...if you have bubbles, balls, volleyball net, hula hoops, yoga mat, toys or outdoor games, please bring them!

For a relaxed atmosphere: bring an open heart and be willing to play and look foolish. Yes, we will be adults climbing on everything, crawling, pretending to be 10 again.
For a competitive atmosphere: bring your leadership and a specific game in mind to start your competitive game

★ water (and small snack since we may be out there 2+ hours)
★ active clothes shoes you can flex your feet in, or willingness to go barefoot
★ any outdoor toys or balls
★ 5 euro or pay now https://paypal.me/karissaschwartz/5
★ 'I'm up for anything!' attitude

Don't Bring:
"I must always look cool or professional" attitude. (Leave that in the garbage)

This group will be roaming in the park since there's workout equipment, open fields, better grass in different areas of the park.
★Messy hair, dirty feet, heart open, eyes clear and bright, face beaming.

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Outdoor Play - Volkspark Friedrichshain (Adults only)

Volkspark Friedrichshain

5,00 €
For the SPONTANEOUS! Outdoor Play (Adults only)

Volkspark Friedrichshain

5,00 €
Outdoor Play - Volkspark Friedrichshain (Adults only)

Volkspark Friedrichshain

5,00 €

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