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PM-Meetup #31: The Secret Success of Teams
Insights in the perfect team structure Two serial entrepreneurs Michael Kapst (multiplay, AVACS, Yachtbau Berlin, isquare, Vorstand der Eskuell AG) and Martin Gaedt (cleverheads, Younect, Sweet Souvenir, Knack die Nuss, Provotainment) will be presenting a new way to check and understand your team. It is very important to bring the right people together. Skills are the common focus in team building and recruiting. But there is another dimension. We present an easy way to look at personal strength. Teams need creative people that are breaking rules and go beyond the standards. But it`s worthless without the controller and someone coordinating everybody. Teams need an outgoing, communicative person that is exploring opportunities as well as the one who is eager to understand all the details. Mr. Belbin observed nine roles to describe a perfect team. Of course a team doesn`t need nine people. Three people can cover all the team roles. People tend to be very good in two or three roles. Is everybody in your team very much alike or do they represent nine controversial roles? The differences are important ingredients for success. Michael and Martin will reflect their own experiences working with different teams over their 20 years in business. They will present the nine roles. They will demonstrate how teams can be build knowing those nine team roles. Wouldn`t it be great to know who is missing in the beginning rather than in the end.

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