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Impulse Magazine: Meinrad J. Mueller's guerilla press marketing is funny like hell.

Most startups dont have the money to hire expensive PR firms.

The solution is simple:

You can do guerilla PR yourself better then anyone from outside.

Forgett boring press releases, they will be shredded anyway.

Create your own "Guerilla-PR" next morning its so simple!

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PR-Do-ityourself! Now, the guerilla way, WITHOUT MONEY

WeWork Atrium Tower

ATTENTION: WeWork Atrium Tower is a h u g e building. Enter from Eichhornstr. 3, walk through the very long hall, then you see elevators on the left. Go to 7th floor, check for conference room 7c. Berlin ZIP-code 10785 18:00 Guerilla-PR do it yoursef. See up to 200ß slides how my funny PR worked. It will work for you as well. Pls see also the previous Guerilla-PR-Meetups I am Meinrad Müller, 65, Semi Retired Entrepreneur, I startet my business at age 21 in 1975. Even without internet I developed growth hacking methods when targeting the press. Also I did develop 200 windows tools (gadgets) to increase the effectivenes of my Guerilla-PR-method. I am tired of just feeding the ducks at lake Wannsee. Why not share my life-experiences with young people? Meetup however will be in English, heavy accent included :-) Targeting the press via Guerilla PR is the easiest way to go. In the past 30 years about 7000 press articles appeared about my tiny company with 40 employees before I sold it. How did I achieve this fantastic PR results? Sharing this knowledge with STARTUPS will be a pleasure to me. - how you can send out your next press release yourself next morning after you learned the tricks at this meetup - how you dare running totally "crazy" PR campaigns at no costs - how to identify overlooked ideas (but interesting to the press) in your startup - how to send PR-releases yourself (even with typos) the press simply can't resist to prints - how to impress potential investors with the PR attention you got - how to attract more customers, as PR enhances your credibility immediately not spending a single cent for advertising or marketing - how to get into TV and radio shows with "out of the box" guerilla thinking - how to understand in 90 minutes what stories the press people love - how to "use" the press as a free market research tool at no cost at all - how you will profit greatly by making press people happy at no costs In order to prove guerilla PR works much, much better than "conservative and boring" PR, you are going to see 150 slides of my PR-stories which got printed. No boring theory on PR. Just "live" experience. You will hear PR tricks you won't find in a book OUT OF THE BOX THINKING MUST BECOME YOUR MINDSET.

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Guerilla-PR, do it yourself, ohne Geld zu investieren

WeWork Atrium Tower

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