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Programmieren in Python für Interessierte aller Erfahrungsstufen.

Wenn Du mit uns in Kontakt treten möchtest, schreib bitte an unsere Mailingliste (http://www.pyug.at/MailingLists), oder schau im IRC vorbei (#pyugat auf freenode (http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23pyugat)) statt Meetup.com!

Mehr Informationen auf: http://pyug.at/ .

Programming in Python for all experience levels.

If you want to contact us, please use our mailing list (http://pyug.at/MailingLists) or come by on IRC (#pyugat on freenode (http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23pyugat)) instead of meetup.com!

More info: http://pyug.at/ .

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Monthly Meetup (Online)


You can find the evening's program in our wiki (https://pyug.at/Treffen/2020-10). We are still looking for talks - if you want to present something, please add yourself to the agenda or send us a message. Show as a cool new library you found, bring your project and ask as for a review! Inspiration can also be found here: https://pyug.at/FutureTalks . We are meeting ONLINE ONLY, not at the Metalab - join our video conference at https://meet.metalab.at/PyUGAT Before, during and after the event, feel free to join our IRC channel as well: https://pyug.at/Chat

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Monthly Meetup (Online Premiere)


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