Worum es bei uns geht

Invited to join is everybody interested in PlatformCooperativism and related fields of shared ownership - shared governance - democratic control - self-organisation & empowerment.

What we strive at accomplishing together is finding alternatives to platform capitalism and surveillance economies with their tendencies towards rising unequality, monopolisation and power concentration.

What this meetup will do ...
- exploring cooperative models
- enabling knowledge transfer
- providing structured support for platform coop pioneers
- bringing together enthusiasts and activists of various fields like: cooperatives, collaborative economy, open source, policy makers, civil activists, researchers, social entrepreneurs, change makers.
- sparking debates on governance and self-organisation
- organising and promoting of platform coop-related events and activities.

This meetup builds on the activities of three years of activism and a series of events around platformcooperativism in Berlin, other German cities and abroad of the two meetup organisers Ela Kagel and Thomas Dönnebrink and many other actitivists in the Berlin and international platformcoop community and movement of which this PlatformCoop Berlin meetup is one nod.

For more information and connections please check and join:
- PlatformCoop Berlin Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2t1XrVY
- PlatformCoop International Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2EVRfUS
- PlatformCoop Conference & Consortium NYC: http://bit.ly/2HObodD
- PlatformCoop Presentations/Documentations on slideshare like this of the 1. PlatformCoop Berlin Event with Michel Bauwens: http://bit.ly/2ou2hqh
- PlatformCoop Berlin activity/event collection of the first year: http://bit.ly/2FAcmta
(for later activities/events check FB groups above)

Please join, visit our events and contact us if you want to collaborate or have something interesting to offer for this meetup group.

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