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The #PoDojo Studio is Berlin’s space for product creators to discuss, explore, and create the future of digital product making. If you’re engaged in creation and development of products and services for the Digital Age, this group is designed for you. Topics and guest speakers for lightning talks will be announced at each individual meeting. You’ve got a topic you’re burning for? Just let us know. We welcome your ideas for topics, and are collecting them here for upcoming events in the #PoDojo Studio: http://scrumblr.ca/podojo-studio . Expect interaction in a workshop style. Formats will vary: open spaces, un-conferences, fish-bowls and lightning talks. Jump in, test the waters, and come and have a slice and drink with us!

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Catherine, Stefan, and Jens from the #PoDojo

We help people help others create products customers love http://www.podojo.com/

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