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Digging into Postgres WAL and Security
We have two excellent speakers for this meetup: Devrim Gündüz, a major contributor to the project, will deliver the talk about PostgreSQL Write ahead log and Peter Eisentraut, a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team, will talk about Security and Authentication. Our first speaker is Devrim Gündüz. Devrim is a long-time community member, PostgreSQL major contributor and a principal engineer at EnterpriseDB. He has already spoken once at our meetup in 2015. This time we have an opportunity to learn a lot about PostgreSQL Write-ahead-logging aka WAL from his talk 'WAL for DBAs'. Here is an abstract: PostgreSQL's WAL is one of the core points of PostgreSQL, and used in many areas: Backup, replication, etc. In this talk, he will mention about everything about WAL that a PostgreSQL DBA must know: * What is WAL? * What does it include? * How to read it? * What about wal_level ? * Replication and WAL * Backup and WAL * PITR and WAL * Other topics Our second speaker is Peter Eisentraut. He has been a contributor to PostgreSQL since 1999, and he is a committer and a member of PostgreSQL Core Team. He is going to cover the topic of Authentication and Security. PostgreSQL offers a regularly growing number of authentication methods and options: SSL, SCRAM, LDAP, Kerberos, Radius, and so on. This presentation will discuss the security properties as well as the usability trade-offs of the different methods. We will also discuss some general problems and weaknesses of the PostgreSQL client authentication facilities. Good to know: we have a location change this time from Zalando Innovation Lab to Zalando Hub at Tamara-Danz-Straße (see map). Those are NOT in a walkable distance from each other (it takes around 15-20 minutes by public transportation to get to Tamara-Danz-Str from Alexanderplatz), please, plan accordingly.

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    Whether you're new to PostgreSQL or an expert, this meetup will help you to network with and learn from other members of the amazing Postgres community. We'll offer presentations (20-40 minutes), guest speakers, workshops and more, all focused on the world's most advanced open source database. This is a brand-new group, and we're looking for speakers. Want to give a talk? Please contact the organizers with your topic and tell us which Postgres-related problems you've been tackling and solving.

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