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Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important across such industries as manufacturing, transportation and renewable energy. Technological advances in IoT and Cloud Computing have triggered a wave of interest in employing the latest machine learning techniques to predict unforeseen failures, reduce unnecessary costs and ultimately, optimize processes.

We see few challenges here: lack of data, technological difficulties implementing the infrastructure, and most importantly absence of digital culture in most of the German organizations.

We will focus on these topics by building a dialog between data scientists, managers and domain experts, as well as sharing our experience and expertise on bringing 4.0 to the German industries.

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Attention: Predictive Analytics for Industrial IoT Kick-Off will be postponed!

Speaker: Azada Henze et al. We are data scientists and data engineers that build the Predictive Maintenance Team of Comsysto Reply. We provide end-to-end solutions that use IoT data with machine learning algorithms to optimize industrial processes. Welcome talk details: In our first talk, we set a goal of building a big picture of what modern digital business is all about: Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, Big Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance. We will also define the main goals, current solutions in the field, and challenges ahead. Speaker: Ivan Zaytsev Ivan Zaytsev is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services with a passion for IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and most things digital. Ivan supports German manufacturing customers on their journey to the cloud and has extensive experience in designing and implementing IoT platforms. Talk details: One of the major challenges on the way to a modern digital business is the gap between the business needs and the definition of the relevant technical solutions. This is the main question Ivan Zaytsev aims at answering in his talk. A business-driven view on cloud-based IoT design patterns is the foundation for a secure, reliable, performant and cost-efficient architecture. We will cover the entire life cycle of data with a focus on business process context and ultimately deriving meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data. Agenda: 18:30 Food & Drinks 18:45 Kick Off Talk + Q&A 19:15 Talk #2: Ivan Zaytsev 20:00 Q&A + Networking 21:00 End

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