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Product Crunch is a learning platform for all those interested in product design. Project managers, designers, engineers, founders and more are invited to inspiring talks by people building great products; in Berlin and all over the world.

This meetup is brought to you by the designers at Goodpatch who want to give back to the community and provide a platform for passionate product people like us.

Come join us for some crispy talks, cold drink and be inspired by really cool people.

We also started recording all of our talks – you can find them on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ProductCrunch

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Product Crunch – SexTech w/ Amorelie, Einhorn & im gegenteil

Dear Product Crunch Community, Fitting to the weather our next Product Crunch Edition is going to be hot, hot, hot! We’re excited to announce the *last* event before our summer break: SexTech! __________________________________________________________ We will be welcoming the three following speakers on stage: Jon Derman Harris, Product Designer at Amorelie (https://www.amorelie.de), the sex toy e-commerce site with a focus on stylish, high-quality products. Teresa Limmer, Art Director at Einhorn (https://einhorn.my/), a Berlin-based company that produces magical, vegan condoms & you might have seen their latest line of menstrual products. Anni and Jule from the slow dating platform im gegenteil (https://imgegenteil.de/), an online magazine about love, life, sex, heartbreak and everything in between. Don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends! __________________________________________________________ #1 Teresa Limmer - Einhorn Make Love not Design Teresa is a Graphic Designer based in Berlin. Her aim never really was to work for a condom company (because how embarrassing is that?). But she suddenly changed her mind when she found einhorn in 2017, a start up selling vegan and sustainable condoms in chips bags printed with colorful penis illustrations. Being a Designer at einhorn is more than just making things look nice, it's about love and magic. You can follow Einhorn on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/einhornberlin Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/einhorn.berlin __________________________________________________________ #2 Anni & Jule - im gegenteil Slow Dating, Slow Love, Slow Sex - how Anni and Jule of “im gegenteil“ changed the world of online dating Anni and Jule are in their mid 30s and founded the slow dating platform “im gegenteil“ in 2013. It is basically the opposite of Tindr. They and their teams create high-quality homestories of singles, they visit them at home, take pictures and write lovely words of the people who seek their soulmate. The whole process is for free because love shouldn’t cost a dime. In the meantime “im gegenteil“ became one of the biggest German online magazines about love, self-love, sex, sustainability and good entertainment. This year the girls founded their content creation agency “Agentur der Herzen“ which helps them to finance “im gegenteil“. Jule is a photographer, writer and creational artist. Anni is Head of Sales, a writer and communicator. Their main job is “Head Of Love“. Follow them on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imgegenteil/ __________________________________________________________ #3 Jon Derman Harris Not NSFW: Design Research in SexTech Jon Derman Harris is a product designer at Amorelie, a Berlin-based online shop for all things love, sex, and relationships. At Amorelie, he conducts design research among users in DACH and develops new brands and hardware concepts from ideation through production. He grew up in Alaska, and spent six years in California before moving to Berlin. __________________________________________________________ Looking forward to seeing you at the last Product Crunch of the season!

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