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Product Crunch is Berlin's biggest Design Meetup and a learning platform for all those interested in product design. Project managers, designers, developers, founders and more are invited to inspiring talks by people building great products; in Berlin and all over the world.

We also started recording all of our talks – you can find them on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ProductCrunch We get lots of questions about how sign-ups, tickets, waiting list the door and more work. So here you have a quick FAQ about this: 
> What is the price of a Ticket?  Free, Tickets for Product Crunch are 100% free as we want the event to be accessible for everyone. 
> Will they always be free?   Probably yes, we might try out a small charge at some point, but this would not exceed 10 euros and is more to have people committed to coming.
> Somebody wants to sell me a ticket on social media, what now? 
Avoid avoid avoid – this is 100% a scam attempt. If you are not sure, contact us. 
> Why have tickets then anyway?  Good Question, tickets (or RSVPs) are an essential metric for us to measure the interest in the events and guess how many people will turn up 
> The event is full, but I am on the waiting list, is there still hope? 
We urge everybody to update their RSVPs several times before an event, so if you are on the waitlist there are good chances that you will get a free spot automatically 
> Today is the event, and I am still on the waitlist … all hope is lost, right? 
No actually not, if we do a door or don´t depend on the event itself and chances are if you turn up on time that we will find a place for you. So please make sure to stop by. In recent history, it only happened one time that not everybody who was here could see the stage and even then it was mostly people who arrived way after the events officially start. 
> I missed the event do you have it recorded? 
Actually, we do – please find all videos here:
make sure to subscribe as we keep on uploading new videos every week.