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This monthly meet-up is for product management professionals, including startup founders, focused on improving, building and launching of new digital products and services. This meet-up will expose members to current trends in innovation, product strategy, product development, and overall product management; and present them with the latest tools and technologies to make their jobs easy.

Hosted by Innovify, it’s a regular meet-up for entrepreneurial product people to meet, connect, share and learn from each other’s experiences. Every month, we will pick a particular theme or a challenge of developing new products and invite experts, from both start-ups and corporate, to share their views and for the audience to debate.

At the end of the meet-up there would be plenty of opportunity for the people to network and share own experiences. Hopefully, this will generate new ideas and also help you to develop them more efficiently.


We are a London-based digital product studio, proudly providing the very best in new product development for the businesses of the future.

Since our humble beginnings all the way back in 2011, we’ve helped our clients from various sectors and backgrounds build a wide range of award-winning digital products including mobile apps, web platforms and much more.

We house an incredibly talented team of product managers, developers and UX/UI designers. As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative projects and love seeing simple ideas develop into successful businesses.

After becoming the trusted partners for our clients, we’ve gone on to manage the entire product development life-cycle across the full spectrum of internet-enabled smart devices, including web and mobile.

So, whether you’re at the early stages of idea development or further along in your product journey, we’re the cost-effective solution for expert-built digital products.

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