ProductTank Munich #22 at World Product Day

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Join us for WorldProductDay in Munich!

When:[masked], 18:30 pm
Where: to be announced soon
Google Maps link to the Location: tba

Don’t get lost! In our digital world there are so many buzzwords and trends flying around for which you as a product manager are always expected to have a basic understanding. In order not to lose the overview, we have invited experts from our related areas UX-Design, Technology & Datascience, who can give us this basic understanding for a relevant trend.

We invite you to the ProductTank #22 at WorldProductDay in Munich - we will have great talks, food & drinks!

And here ere are our speakers:

Sebastian Gier, representing UX-Design

Title: "Designing innovative experiences, in mobility and beyond."

Talk: In this talk Sebastian demonstrates how digitalization and new customer needs create future touch-point opportunities in mobility. Besides a holistic future mobility service, the project 'BMW Xplore' also describes a vision for how UX and UI design can drive new interior hardware requirements. In addition to the concept itself, the talk will take you through the design process. You will learn how to research and prototype innovative mobility experiences and how on-board and off-board touchpoints can be designed in a seamless way.

Bio: Sebastian is a German designer who is working on future mobility experiences at BMW Group as a Senior Designer for Strategic Design and User Experience. He has been fortunate enough to work with various international brands and companies on projects like Adidas, Philips, Bosch, Rolce-Royce, Siemens, MINI, John Deere, Cathay Pacific, Newell and Midea in the context of startups, consultancies and in-house design studios in Europe, USA and Asia. His work has been recognised by international renowned design awards like the Core77 Design Award, Red Dot Design Concept Award, IDA, IXDA, Indigo, IDSA. He is also the host of the podcast Designdrives, where he explores the value of a design-driven innovation process together with design leaders from around the world to inspire young designer about how design can make a contribution to the world.

Bernhard Hecker, representing Technology

Title: "Blockchain - Beyond the Buzz"

Talk: Bernhard will talk about blockchain as a technology, possible product enhancements and use cases. He will tell us what went wrong, a few insights behind the hype and share one or two failures. Last but not least we'll discuss what the hype of the hypes could mean for our daily lives. All the world is talking about Blockchain, ... but what does that mean for me as a Product Person in my daily work. Do I now have to supplement the acceptance criteria with each story, or how can I sensibly integrate these topics into my everyday life / approach them in everyday life.

Bio: Bernhard is a freelance product consultant with roughly 30 years of experience in tech product management. He has been working with B2B offerings mostly. About one year ago he started working with a Silicon Valley based blockchain startup. Many of the Product Tank Visitors might have met him there as a viable consumer of beer and pizza.

tba, representing Datascience