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Über uns

Quantum Computing is a major emerging technology and has the potential to impact our society.

What began as a gigantic academic challenge almost 40 years ago is now starting to get real. In recent years, the first small quantum computers, called "NISQ" devices, have been built and they are now available via cloud services.
As the technology matures, this is a very good time for businesses to become familiar with quantum computing, which is so very different from every other branch in computer science.

Our region (western Germany in general and the Rhineland specifically) is starting to become a national and even a European hotspot for quantum computing. It is also home to many vibrant businesses: from innovative start-ups to major global players and every kind in between.

The goal of our Meetup is to bring quantum computing experts together with companies/professionals from established markets. We want to foster the dialog between these stakeholders and stimulate a profound and realistic awareness of quantum computing.
Our Meetups feature talks and open discussions. We deal with introductory issues, applications for quantum computing as well as with hot topics. We hope to support a vivid network from which all parties benefit.

Besides businesses and professionals, every other interested person is welcome to join (e.g. from the media, academics). The quantum computing community is very international and the language used is English. For this reason our Meetup will primarily be held in English. Beiträge, Wortmeldungen und Fragen auf deutsch sind uns natürlich auch willkommen :-) !

The founders of this group are two consultants who are passionate for quantum computing. Christopher Zachow is working for SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH as a quantum computing specialist. Jens Marre is the author of the free online book www.quantencomputer-info.de .

Sponsored by SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH www.sva.de.