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At REWE digital, we talk openly, honestly and interactively about tech and business topics of all kinds. We believe that you never stop learning. That's why we love to exchange ideas with each other.

German and English-speaking top speakers from the tech world are regular guests at our headquarters in Cologne's Carlswerk or Campus Porz. But also at our locations in Berlin, Ilmenau, Kiel, Sofia, Varna, Graz, Malàga or remote, our REWE digital experts talk about digital products and services, the technology behind them, agile working methods and much more. 

With free drinks and food, it's easy and relaxed to network in the community, right?! What are you waiting for? Join our Meetup group to never miss an event again!

You can find more information about REWE digital on rewe-digital.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Github. Take a look and see you soon!

Website: rewe-digital.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/rewedigital
Twitter: twitter.com/rewedigital
GitHub: github.com/rewe-digital
Contact requests: felipe.moroder-bendyk@rewe-digital.com

By the way: We're now also present on germantechjobs.de/community
Check it out for other interesting tech communities from Germany.

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