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The Roche Sub Aqua Club (RSAC) is a Swiss Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club, a renowned worldwide group of people who share a real passion for scuba diving.

Our club is for all those interested in scuba diving and snorkeling. Active divers and interested novices are warmly welcomed! We are based in Basel, meeting regularly for diving in lakes in the region and in warm waters all around the world. In addition, we provide our members with basic equipment such as compressed air cylinders, regulators, BCD jackets, diving computers and other kit as part of our club activities. We also offer an internationally-recognized basic and advanced diver training & development programs via our club, but also a network of clubs and centers across the country and in the world.

Please note that membership of the club (RSAC) is reserved to Roche employees, their family members and to retired Roche employees.

Check out the type of adventures we do in the Roche Sub-Aqua Club:


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