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this is the React Meetup - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main.

The React Meetup - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main is intended for React developers, enthusiasts and people generally interested in React from the Frankfurt and Rhein-Main area.

Schedule: 2-3 speeches (15-25 mins) and networking and experience exchange afterwards. If you would like give a speech, send us a short note.

Language: english / german


We have started as React Native Meetup Frankfurt. After some events it became clear, that we are going to cover more and more React topics and less special React Native. So it was logical to rename the group and expand the topics we are going to cover. Thanks to all for the feedback


18.10.2018 at SinnerSchrader

09.08.2018 at IOKI

19.06.2018 at Framen / WeWork

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React Meetup - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

codecentric AG

Hi, @Codecentric 18:30 More Details soon Slot 1: You? Slot 2: You? Slot 3: You? After: Networking

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React Meetup - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

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