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ReactJS Girls is community meetup voicing female engineers who want to learn and teach their experience using React. Although the meetup is aimed to at women in tech community, attendees of all genders are welcome to attend.

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• React.JS Girls London (https://www.meetup.com/ReactJS-Girls-London/)

• React.JS Girls Berlin (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/ReactJS-Girls-Berlin/)

Join us on Twitter! @ReactJSgirls (https://twitter.com/ReactJSgirls)

What's to come

I'm currently looking for speakers and collection some ideas. The first meetup will probably not happen before next year. Please feel free to contact me (Mirjam) if you want to speak, have questions or something else I can help you with! :)

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React.JS Girls Frankfurt #1 - Goodbye spaghetti code – from jQuery to ReactJS

Hi there! 👋 Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the first React.JS Girls Frankfurt meetup! We'll start our meetup group with a little get together: Let's get to know each other, have nice conversations and maybe share ideas for next events. // TALK *Goodbye spaghetti code – from jQuery to ReactJS* The complexity of web applications is rising and more and more business logic moves from the back to the Frontend. While Frontend development has been based on HTML, CSS and a bit of jQuery for a long time, nowadays we're often using JavaScript libraries like ReactJS to build complex User Interfaces dynamically in the browser. How does this "dynamically in the browser" looks like? What is jQuery and what ReactJS? And what does "Spaghetti Code" even means? That's what Lisa will show us! In her talk she will talk about the transition from jQuery to React and give us an introduction to React. So it's a topic where you can easily follow even if you're unfamiliar with React! // SPEAKER For our first meetup I'm happy having Lisa Oppermann as a speaker! Lisa is a Frontend and React Developer here in Frankfurt. She's a founding member of Techettes Frankfurt, a community supporting Women in Tech. // TIME AND PLACE Doors open from 18:30 on - come in, grab some food and drinks. Around 19:00 we'll start with a short "Welcome!". // SPONSORS Thanks to ioki for for hosting and providing food & drinks 😻 // NOTES React.JS Girls Frankfurt is for female engineers(*) who want to learn and teach their experience using React. We want to provide a safe place for women to get started into attending and speaking at tech events. Although the meetup is aimed at women, all genders are welcome to attend. (* )that means: ALL who identify as women.

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