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This is a group for everybody who is interested in ReactJS, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We (InVision AG) are using ReactJS on our SAAS solutions and are always eager to share our experiences and connect with fellow developers.

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Hey folks, Yay, it's 2019! And I'm pretty excited about this meetup, since it's always a lot of fun. We do need to find speakers though, so please, if you have an idea to present, or want to give a talk, even about the thing that you consider obvious, please do so! One idea I'd really like is to teach everyone what you've learned about React in 2018, all the stuff that you tried out and how it went. Please mention it in the comments or write @cilice on twitter if you'd like to give back to our little, loving community. 18:00 - 19:00 - Welcome and Food. 19:15 ~ 19:45 - "Save the bytes with Preact X" - Marvin Hagemeister (@marvinhagemeist) Preact has always been known for its small size. This talk gives a behind the scenes look into how the team made preact even smaller, despite adding a plethora of new features. Several learnings we made during that process apply to programming in general and can help make every website faster, especially on mobile. Marvin Hagemeister started his journey into the web back in 2011. He quickly specialised in performance oriented programming in JavaScript, making several contributions to the web ecosystem ranging from redux-persist, DefinitelyTyped to preactjs. He joined the preactjs team in may last year and took a major role in the upcoming Preact X release. 20:00 - 20:30 - Speaker wanted. Please provide a topic <3 Some ideas: Form libraries like Formik, animations with react-pose or similar, hooks, react-pdf, mobx-state-tree, react-native, react-native-web, rollup, react context, design systems, next.js, Spectacle (the react.js presentation library), react.js component patterns.. or anything else 💖 20:30 - 22:00 - Drinks and networking. As always, the meetup is hosted at InVision and with tasty food from the InVision chefs <3

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