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Join us if you'd like to learn more about React and front-end development in general.

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React June Meetup

SAE Institute Wien

Talks ------------- Lifting state up is killing your app Have you heard about "lifting state up"? Is it possible that one of the 12 main concepts listed in React official documentation might lead to poor performance? Can well-known best practices lie? We're going to build a simple data grid with React. We will see which pitfalls it hides and when O(1) can still be slow. by Andrey Goncharov (@ai_goncharov) --- TBA by Ewa Sponsors ------------- Please reach out to us if you are interested to sponsor. Location ---------- The location is fully accessible: the elevator can be reached via a ramp in the atrium and accessible toilets are located on the first floor. Code of Conduct ---------- https://github.com/reactvienna/code-of-conduct

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React May Meetup


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