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Live in Berlin? Love food?

Who We Are: From food novices to gourmands, Around Berlin in 80 Restaurants always have a great time enjoying delicious food. Join us to share a meal with Berlin's Foodies! We are a diverse group that has one thing in common - the love of food.

What We Do: We bring together Foodies in a variety of different ways to share delicious food. Our events include restaurant and bars excursions, food crawls, picnics, food festivals, food-related parties, market excursions and more!

Our group checks out restaurants and bars in and around Berlin. From the fantastic hole-in-the-wall to more upscale restaurants, we're eager to try them all. If you don't see your favorite place feel free to make a reservation and set up an event.
(Note: As we come across great places that everyone loves, we will go back there again - so feel free to post a "duplicate" event. Just not so soon after the last time going)
There's also a sensitive subject when it comes to events involving reservation: no shows. When you sign up for an event, either directly on the attending list or on the waiting list, it means that you're coming (or you'll come if you're pulled from the waiting list to the attending list), so if something comes up or if you change your mind, please change your RSVP to No (even if you're on the waiting list). Please read our No Show policy carefully, you can find it here: https://tinyurl.com/3ca869zu Thus, only people who have read and accepted it will be accepted in the group.
The other issue is signing out last minute. Please try to avoid signing out once the RSVP are close, 1 hour or even 5 minutes from the Meet Up. Of course, it can happen, you can not always foresee problems that lead to signing out last minute, although, honestly, under 30 minutes before the event is a bit exaggerated. If it happens once in a while, it's not a big deal, we all have a life, but, there are some members who are known to be "serial bailers", to the extent that when we see their name on the list, we automatically think "oh that one will certainly sign out last minute". People who are spotted as "serial bailers" will get a warning. If it goes on, they will be removed from the group.
PS: A photo is required to join the group but you should understand it as "a picture" is required, does not need to be a photo of your face. This can avoid confusion when 2 (or more) members use the same name and no picture, then we know who is who thanks to the picture.