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L100π is calling …
Nach einem überaus turbulenten Jahr melden wir uns mit neuen Themen zurück. Es wird wild, also schnallt euch an!
Aktuelles IT-Wissen, mit Bier, Burgern und Cocktails auf der Dachterrasse serviert – zumindest in normalen Zeiten. Wir bieten Talks, Workshops & agile Spiele in der natürlichen Lebensumgebung von ITlern.
Von grossen Konferenzen bekannte Speaker bereiten zusammen mit euch Themen aus dem Umfeld agile Produktentwicklung, modernes JavaScript, DevOps, Softwarearchitektur, u.v.m. auf. Und weil das alles nicht genug ist, haben wir uns für dieses Jahr noch etwas mehr vorgenommen …
Denn ihr habt die Chance, einen ganzen Tag mit uns an geilen Technologien zu Basteln. Dahinter versteckt sich der Open Mayday – und weil wir Bock haben, machen wir das bestimmt nicht nur einmal …

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Cloud-natives Java mit Quarkus, Mandrel and Jib (English)

Mayflower GmbH

18:00 Open Door and Welcoming with Food and Drinks.

19:00 Cloud-natives Java mit Quarkus, Mandrel and Jib
Nowadays, JVM is considered to be mature and classical. Though the JVM technology might not be a modern one, it’s still at the top of the trends and en vogue. It still has a strong influence and is widely spread in a number of system landscapes. The very system landscapes are evolving at this very moment to follow cloud transformation trends. The challenge consists of the following: to haul Java up into the cloud as lean and nifty as possible. I’d like to show a solution to implementing this. That is when Quarkus as CDI framework comes on the scene. It’s lightweight at first glance and yet it has an enormous potential due to an exquisite collection of the best-of-breed libraries and standards. Additional components are Mandrel for native Java builds and Jib which combines and simplifies the build process steps resulting in a one-step finished container in your container registry.

Speaker: Eugen Blattner is an experienced Software Engineer and Tech Consultant.

20:00 Networking with Drinks
22:00 End

Serverless with CDK in English

Mayflower GmbH

For those struggling to get started with AWS, it's time to overcome it!

Rodolfo talks about how "going serverless with CDK" help beginners to develop on AWS and he'll present 4 AWS services you can use to start writing your full-stack serverless application.
At the end of the talk, he'll also show you some code he prepared for us, which implements the services we've covered so far.
We're excited to get to know you and share some cool ideas :)

Speaker: Rodolfo Kirch Veiga is a professional Software Engineer and Technology Consultant from Mayflower Frankfurt. He partially dedicates his time to cloud-native projects, especially those focused on serverless applications. He loves to share his learning experiences to ease the way for others.

Food and Drinks are provided.

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AI is Changing Products – not Product Management

Mayflower GmbH