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Want to decompress and get away from the smell of Ubahn stations and the urban noise? Trail running (or trailing) may just be a sport you'd like to try out! I believe that one of the best ways to discover the character of a city is to check out its trails.

Trail running is a rapidly growing sport that combines running and hiking in a non-traditional manner. Good hikers/trekkers can succeed just as well as strong runners can at the highest levels of the sport. Races are held in distances between 5K and 250+K over several days. Unlike running on pavement, many more muscle groups are engaged as the runner traverses uneven ground.

If there is enough interest I am also open to hosting longer weekend runs in Brandenburg and Potsdam. No trail shoes are needed for the areas around town - your normal tennis shoes will do! Group runs will be between 3-8K in distance and we can go further if there is interest. I speak English/German fluently and am eager to meet passionate runners!

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