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Data Scientists in San Francisco and the Bay Area are doing incredible data science: making graph models of symptoms and human disease, extracting insight from huge amounts of data in real time, and building tools to make this whole process easier. The SF Data Science Meetup is a community organized forum to showcase this ongoing work, to spread knowledge and help the data science community level up.

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Oracle APEX on ATP Hands-On Lab: Create an App from a Spreadsheet

Oracle APEX on ATP Hands-On Lab: Creating an App from a Spreadsheet for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Service Tired of emailing around a spreadsheet to share data? Do you want to learn how to develop and deploy an application in minutes? Then join us for this Free. workshop for an overview of Oracle APEX, and learn how easily you can get started with building and deploying a new cloud application on ATP in minutes. IMPORTANT: Please bring you Laptop- Windows or Mac and a power cord AGENDA: 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm: Check-In, Food & Networking 6:30 pm - 6:50 pm: Welcome Announcement & a short Keynote on Oracle Application Express (APEX) 6:50 pm - 8:30 pm: Hands-on Lab – Oracle Application Express (APEX) 8:30 pm - 8:45 pm: More Networking KEYNOTE: In this session, David Peake will provide an overview of Oracle's Application Express offerings. Oracle APEX on Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) enables users to build applications without programming and worrying about scaling, securing, tuning, managing or optimizing database LAB OVERVIEW: Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low code application development platform to build responsive web applications. This session is designed for people with no prior knowledge or very little experience developing applications. You will learn how to quickly develop, collaborate and publish applications, and you’ll leave with a clear understanding and the confidence to start building your own applications using Oracle APEX. Details: This lab walks you through uploading a spreadsheet into an Oracle database table and then creating an application based on this new table. You will then play with the Interactive Report and improve the attached form. Lastly, you will add a Calendar page and then link it to the existing form page. Rather than trying to email a spreadsheet to gather information from different people, simply create an app in minutes, and email the URL. This single source-of-truth, multi-user, secured, the scalable app is so much better than having 20 (incomplete) spreadsheets! Speakers: David Peake, Oracle Application Express (APEX) Product Manager has worked for over 15 years within Oracle Consulting in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, He is currently part of the Product Development team as the Oracle Application Express (APEX) Product Manager. Manish Kapur, Director of Oracle Cloud Platform at Oracle, Manish focuses on Application Development Cloud Platform which includes Cloud Native Application Development, DevOps, Blockchain, Low Code Development, and Java services in Oracle Cloud.

Improv for Technologists, You are a Storyteller

I'll tell you a secret... YOU ARE A STORYTELLER You might not have realized it yet, but leveling up your career as an engineer / technologist can be accelerated by learning to communicate more effectively and by becoming a better storyteller. This is an on-your feet workshop. You will play games, do fun storytelling exercises and learn tools to help you connect to your audience. This class is for all levels of people who are looking to up their communication game. *Note, expedite check-in and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improv-for-technologists-you-are-a-storyteller-tickets-64577310474 Why Improv? Forbes, the New York Times, Harvard Business Review and many other publications have written about how improv training is amazing business and startup training. How does improv help technology workers? Improv helps people: - Listen and be present - Be better communicators - Tap into creativity - Relieve anxiety/stress and release tension - Celebrate making mistakes and be more resilient - Gracefully deal with uncertainty - Make your partners look good and collaborate on teams more effectively - YES AND in addition to being useful, improv is fun! ***Remember, register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improv-for-technologists-you-are-a-storyteller-tickets-64577310474 What Takeaways to Expect: - Develop deeper listening skills - Hone your audience awareness - Get in touch with your natural presence - Embrace body language that makes you open and flexible to ideas instead of closed off. - Be more comfortable going off-script (i.e. improvising) during presentations, in Q&A, and in life. - Take the focus off yourself and serve your audience by “being interested, instead of being interesting” - Use “yes and” thinking to collaborate more creatively and effectively with your team - Take care of your teammates and notice when team members feel excluded or afraid to contribute their thoughts. Sometimes, great ideas go unspoken. Who Should Attend: - Data Scientists and Engineers who want to improve communication, listening skills, and be more compelling. - Industry professionals and bootcamp students who want to feel more relaxed and confident in job interviews. - Founders and executives leading teams - Product Managers - Designers - Creative Directors, Video Makers, Copywriters, Marketers, who want a creativity boost and new storytelling tools - Teachers, therapists, yoga instructors, health and wellness professionals - All kinds of people from all walks of life! Class Agenda: - 6:30 pm - 7 pm: drinks and snacks (sponsored by Galvanize) - 7 pm - 8 pm: joyful storytelling games to warm up spontaneity, ignite our imaginations, practice being kind to ourselves and practice celebrating mistakes - 8:00 pm - 8:15: bathroom break - 8:15 - 9:15 pm: Additional storytelling games / exercises - 9:15 pm - 10:15 pm: Integration. Here’s where we put it all together and do group scenes games, mock job interviews, improvised presentations, etc. in front of the class. Donations Encouraged: Donations of $30 per person for this three hour workshop are encouraged but are optional. Note, donations enable us to continue offering these workshops to the community. This workshop usually costs $60+ per person. Donation Methods Accepted: - Donorbox: https://donorbox.org/you-are-a-storyteller-sf - Venmo: @jaredpolivka - Cash About the Teachers: Jared and Erica Jared Polivka Jared previously served thousands of students around the world as Director of the School of AI at Udacity.com. With a background in product, design thinking, developer evangelism, storytelling and improvisation, Jared has found that improv skills are incredibly useful in working at organizations (i.e. startups) dealing with uncertainty and change. *RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improv-for-technologists-you-are-a-storyteller-tickets-64577310474

Learning to rank (LTR) algorithms are central to search engines

*Note, the date is TBD... more details coming soon. In this talk, you'll hear about several important practical aspects of training LTR models that one needs to know in order to bring the business impact through changes in LTR algorithms. Anjan Goswami will discuss important lessons of training LTR models for real applications and will also speak about some specific issues that needs to be addressed in e-commerce or employee and job search platforms. Prerequisites: Intermediate What you should bring: No computers needed Meet Your Speaker: Anjan Goswami heads the search science and engineering team at walmart labs. His team is responsible for relevance and ranking of Walmart.com e-commerce engine, its mobile site and other Walmart properties. In past, Anjan held various leadership positions in Elance-odesk, eBay, Amazon and in Microsoft working in the juncture of applied science and business. He is also pursuing a PhD in Computer Science with specialization in machine Learning and information retrieval from UC Davis.

Plywood: Simple APIs for Complex Data Workflows
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*Note: date is TBD... more details coming soon. Querying large volumes of data at scale in a way optimized for data visualizations is a difficult problem. In this talk, Vadim Ogievetsky presents one solution to this problem. What's this talk about? Database APIs often mirror the architecture and limitations of the database. The developer of an application must bridge the logical chasm between the visualization model and the underlying API. As a result, fragile, one-off, glue code is often written to extract data in the right format for visualization. We will discuss the ideas behind Plywood, an open source library that describes data queries in terms of the UIs and visualizations that will be powered by the queries. Plywood is an ORM-like layer for Druid and other OLAP stores, and is built on top of Hadley Wickham’s split-apply-combine principle. Plywood facilitates the development of highly interactive UIs with rich visualization components. Meet Your Speaker: Vadim Ogievetsky is a co-founder of a stealth startup where he uses Plywood with React to build open source UIs on top of Druid. Prior to founding his own company, he worked as the UI lead at Metamarkets. In 2011, he graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. While at Stanford, he was part of the Data Visualization group where he contributed to Protovis and D3.js. His open-source development is now focused on Plywood and other big data visualization tools.

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