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SF Scala is a group for functional programmers who use Scala to dominate the world. We build APIs, Big Data flows, and startups powered by Scala. We do more with less people and less resoucres due to Scala's incredible power. We meet to discuss best practices and how the technology is being used successfully by organizations.

SF Scala covers San Francisco, and events are coordinated with , which covers the peninsula and south bay.

If you would like to present a technical talk about Scala, or how Scala is used in your organization, please contact one of the organizers. If you want to host, contact us. We also are always looking for video sponsors to continue our recordings.

Always find us at sfscala.org and follow us on Twitter at @sfscala.

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[Register at https://swift.tf!] First Impressions of Swift from a Scala veteran

Please register at https://swift.tf! This is a joint meetup with Swift for TensorFlow. If you RSVP here you'll be waitlisted and nothing else will happen! We need a downtown SF location for this meetup providing food and beer for developers! Eugene Burmako was a student of Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala at EPFL, and the creator of Macro Paradise. After that he was a team lead at Twitter, developing Reasonable Scala (rsc). Recently Eugene joined Google where he works with Chris Lattner, the creator of Swift, on Swift for TensorFlow. As a compiler specialist who worked on developer effectiveness, Eugene has unique insights into the ecosystems of both languages. While his first impressions are still fresh, Eugene will share his impressions of Swift with us.

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Integrating React with Scala at Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab

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