Worum es bei uns geht

Come and join us at SHALA Berlin to experience traditional & holistic:

∞ Energy Healing
∞ guided Meditation
∞ Spiritual and Consciousness Growth
∞ Reiki
∞ & Hatha Yoga

Everyone is welcome here.

At SHALA Berlin I share with and support everyone who seeks Self-Healing, Self-Discovery, Self-Expansion (ascension) ... the path to Self-Empowerment.

I believe in the infinite potential that resides at your core “Don't you know yet? It is your light that lights the World.” ∞ Rumi

We humans consist of many layers, some are visible to us, some need a closer look and some digging. When we harmonise & heal those layers ... do we stand, strong like a tree, to face the emotional, energetic, existential storms of everyday life. These storms will always come & go.

But by how we face them, do we empower ourselves to shape their outcome, force, impact. So, we may sway where necessary, but never lose balance, focus, integrity and strength. Have an open crown for our intuition and clarity. And strong roots for security and nourishment. Strong like a tree.

What flows together at SHALA Berlin is my passion and quest for a holistic, peaceful, content& purposeful life.

No-show policy: We want to rise the energy with this group. Every action leaves a certain higher or lower vibrational trace. Therefore please be mindful with no-shows or last minute cancellation for yourself and everyone, because we are all connected.

In Lak'ech * I am another you

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Heart Journey ☽☼☾ for Women

YogaCafé - Mindful Life

15,00 €

You are warmly invited to join this sacred women space that we are holding in honor of our beautiful, powerful Hearts ♥ in time for the awakening Spring Equinox. ☽☼☾ A balanced Heart is a powerful force and intuitive field. In fact, the strongest electromagnetic field that our body produces. It carries an individual finger print unique to us. We also communicate and receive information through it. It reflects the state we are in. Balanced and rejuvenated this field serves as an invisible protection around us. ☽☼☾ Activating the Heart space, we can tap in our natural wisdom & healing potential. ☽☼☾ The heart chakra, Anahata, is associate with the element of air giving us freedom & liberation and of course compassion, understanding. Being the bridge between our higher and lower self the heart space naturally supports our other areas in balancing and rejuvenation. So to active it sends a positive ripple through our body and emotions. ☽☼☾ Through various elements we will release, heal, re-connect, empower and deeply relax in a peaceful environment. Like a tender loving care for our precious heart. All women, from all walks in life are welcome. Just arrive with your heart and mind open. ▲ Please bring - comfortable cloths - water or a calming tea - an open mind & heart - crystals or flowers for the alter to re-charge - if you wish - any questions just drop me a message Exchange: 15€ Women only please, we will hold space for the masculine energy soon too. Please RSVP to nicole(at)shalaberlin.com to confirm your spot, spaces are limited. Please be mindful with no-shows, we want to rise the energies. Women only, there will be a mixed session soon again. ☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾☽☼☾ in Lak'ech * Nicole Richter Meditation & Yoga Teacher Reiki Therapist * Shamanic Core Studies www.shalaberlin.com www.meetup.com/SHALABerlin/ www.facebook.com/pg/shalaberlin/

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Blossoming Hands ▲

YogaCafé - Mindful Life

12,00 €

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