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We're an active group that meets regularly to watch science fiction films / TV shows (old and new) on big screen TV, and read. We also meet to watch Sci-Fi or fantasy movies when they play at theaters in Bern.

This has also become a bit of a foodie gathering. We have some good cooks and bakers, and our members who don't cook have been bringing very nice things as well. There's usually a good mix of sweet and savoury -- even enough to make a potluck dinner most evenings.

Don't hesitate to suggest films for viewing, and if you have something you want to share, feel free to bring it on DVD or on a drive or USB stick.

NO SHOW POLICY: Because we have limited space (we mostly meet in our homes), we wait for all our members to show up before starting movies, and because we try to make sure there's enough food for everyone, repeated no shows may be banned from the group. Everyone has the occasional emergency, and we are pretty understanding, but we ask you, if at all possible, to cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you can't make it.

NOTE: We only post notices for events we directly sponsor. If you want to promote your own event and you think we might be interested, you can contact an organizer. But please do not post your events to our comment threads.

In addition we have a spin-off group “Films for the Conscious” ( ( for viewings of films outside of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, especially since this would hopefully allow us to meet some of you we otherwise wouldn’t.

We look forward to meeting you!

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