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Pre Blockchain For Science Con Social event
It is the informal, self-organized socialising, coworking, networking, dinner & drinks pre-meetup before the Blockchchain For Science Con - Berlin - 2018. All folks that are interested in Blockckchain for Science and Knowledge creation are welcome. https://www.blockchainforsciencecon.com/

CODE University

Lohmühlenstr. 65 · Berlin

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    “Science is about trust, privacy and proof. So are the blockchain and cryptography. “

    Blockchain organizes digital assets decentralized and distributed. It makes data immutable, transparent and proveable to the outside - at the same time subject privacy can be assured.

    This meetup group is for people who want to discuss ideas, concepts and visions on the upcoming (r)evolutions around the blockchain in the field of science, and knowledge creation.

    An introduction and ideas are collected herein: https://goo.gl/VswQb0


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