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ScrumMaster clinics provide a health check for newly practicing ScrumMasters. Facilitated by experienced ScrumMasters and coaches the clinic is a place to come to share your struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work. Inspired by Tobias Mayer.

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ALL Berlin January 2019


Bring your challenge, opportunity or problem! Anything you want to practice or learn ... This afternoon will be all about learning. We will create a list of topics and form small groups to work together. Options include: - just ask for help with a current situation - learn a method or technique - practice coaching Let's practice and learn together! P.S. The guys from FlixBus are so friendly, that they will order some pizza for us this time as well, so please make sure you update your attendance so that we can plan it accordingly :-)

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ScrumMaster Clinic November 2018


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