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Search Technology Meetup IX: Voice and Search

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The ninth edition of the Search Technology Meetup Hamburg: Come and join us for snacks, drinks and another edition of inspiring talks. We thank finanzcheck ( for sponsoring bagels, drinks & location and Shopping24 ( for organizing. All talks will be held in German.

1. Creating a Voice User Interface for Search

At Holidaycheck we strive every day to improve our Urlauber's (search) experience.

Besides everday improvements we also have the chance to run some open experiments in our Innovation Days.

In a set of such experiments we focussed on possible use cases for VUI (Voice user interfaces) using Amazon Alexa.

The experiment I want to present focusses on the questions: "What can be achieved using an unchanged search backend and a voice user interface?"

You will get the chance to play with some prototypes and afterwards I would like to share what we learned, what worked well, what did not work and what possible steps for improvement could be taken.

For the more technically inclined I will also show how to build a VUI, test it and how to integrate it in a existing infrastructure.

About Andreas:

He likes language the human mind and computers.

He spent his time in research and the european IMPACT project (LMU, Bavarian State Library) and worked in several semantic related startups (Gini GmbH, Clueda AG).

Currently he takes care of the search at Holidaycheck AG.

Andreas Neumann, Senior Software Search Engineer at holidaycheck. @andreas_neumann (

2. Spaactor - The serch engine for spoken content

Development and architectur of Spaactor, where you can find videos and podcasts not only by its title, description or metadata. But where you're able to search for spoken content and also view it within seconds.

Christian Schrumpf, Founder and CEO at (, @Spaactor (