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SBA Research is a research and consulting center for Information Security based in Vienna, and calls itself a “Home of Nerds”. We thus have started hosting Meetups spotlighting all aspects of Security in 2018. By doing so we intend to establish and foster a community of people interested in IT & Information Security and related areas. As soon as things return to normal, we very much look forward to welcoming you to beer, snacks and lively discussions among likeminded on-site. Since we want to give you the chance to join from wherever you are, we will however continue to live stream all of our MeetUps in the future as well.

Our Security Meetup Group is part of the SBA Academy. Check out our Website (https://www.sba-research.org/sba-academy/), SBA Research offers a wide range of ways to transfer knowledge, ranging from freely available talks to specialized on-site trainings.

You missed one of our Meetups? Visit our YouTube channel for directly applicable security knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/c/SBAResearch-IT-Se... (https://www.youtube.com/c/SBAResearch-IT-Security );

SBA Research:
Within a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions, and many additional international research partners we jointly work on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity capabilities.

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Type-Driven Domain Design – Security in the Fabric of Your Code

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“Type-Driven Domain Design – Security in the Fabric of Your Code”

Types in programming languages protect us from doing mistakes. It depends on the chosen language how strict and often these type checks are performed. One code smell you may have heard of is called “Primitive Obsession.” It occurs when you are relying too much on built-in data types like integers and strings. Eric Evans showed us almost twenty years ago in his book “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” how we can successfully encapsulate our business rules in code. In this talk we will see how we can integrate domain logic and security into our types to prevent mistakes and vulnerabilities by design.

Michael Koppmann information security consultant (SBA Research)
Talk language: English

About the Speaker:
Michael Koppmann is an information security consultant at SBA Research. Michael’s consulting activities are focused on the technical aspects of information security. His research interests include secure software engineering, and online privacy, as well as functional programming, and mobile security.

18:25: Gathering
18:30: Talk: “Type-Driven Domain Design – Security in the Fabric of Your Code”
19:30: Q&A

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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