Remote: Bonn Security Night - April 2020

Bonn Security Nights
Bonn Security Nights
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Due to the Covid-19 crisis: First remote edition of the Bonn Security Night. Free registration:

18:30 - 19:15: "Proving security - is that possible?" * + Q&A
19:15 - 19:30: Short break
19:30 - 20:15: "The security upgrade for OAuth 2.0" * + Q&A

*both talks by Dr. Daniel Fett

About: Dr. Daniel Fett
During his Ph.D., Daniel worked in the field of Web Security at the University of Stuttgart where he developed new methods for the analysis of web applications. This enabled him, among other things, to detect previously unknown security vulnerabilities in OAuth 2.0. As a member of the OAuth working group at the IETF, he took part to develop the OAuth Security BCP RFC.
Today he is working as a Security Specialist at In this role, he is responsible for the security of an OAuth-based solution in the banking sector with very high security requirements.

About: Bonn Security Night
This meetup is a platform for IT security enthusiasts in Bonn and the surrounding area. We meet regularly with pizza, beer, and a nice view of the Rhine.
The meetings involve exciting talks and discussions of current security topics. Whether a student or an expert: All interested parties are cordially invited to participate!

Language: English