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Data is everywhere. Our goal is to turn that data into actionable insights. We believe People + DATA + Ideas = More Possibilities

So who should join? Data scientists, geeks, gurus, dorks, novices, and anyone with a passion for actually delivering results. Why would you wanna join? We'll have data enthusiasts talking about topics like machine learning, augmented intelligence, predictive analytics, visualization techniques and more. If you are interested in Data Analytics and you'd like to learn more about how to turn your data into actionable insights, come and join us.

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Qlik Data Revolution Tour

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Accelerate time to deeper insights in your data In a world increasingly dependent on data and empowering people to interact with it, many companies are still struggling to drive full value from the investments they have made. Join us to learn how best in class enterprises are enabling DataOps for Analytics as a foundation for a new data and analytics strategy — one that simplifies and reduces the cost of their cloud landscape, speeds accurate, trusted data delivery and leverages AI to empower users and accelerate insights. Whether you use an existing analytics environment such as Qlik, Tableau or even Power BI, you’ll want to learn how to accelerate and optimize the value of your data. How do you become a leader in the data revolution? Join us for the Qlik Data Revolution Tour. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://go.qlik.com/DRTSanFrancisco2019.html?sourceID1=MEETUP Coming to San Francisco on November 6, 2019, this exclusive one-day event features leaders on the front lines of the data revolution — the people who are streamlining and accelerating every point in the data journey from ingestion to insight. These pioneers are using the latest data integration technology, together with the latest analytics innovations, to finally deliver on the promise of the data-driven organization – giving everyone, no matter what their skill level, the power to uncover the insights that matter. Join us, and hear from: Industry thought-leaders Qlik data and analytics experts Organizations from a wide range of industry sectors Don’t miss the revolution. The Qlik Data Revolution Tour is FREE, but seats are limited and YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://go.qlik.com/DRTSanFrancisco2019.html?sourceID1=MEETUP Click here to see a full list of North America stops on the Data Revolution Tour. https://go.qlik.com/2019-NAM-Data-Revolution-Tour.html?sourceID1=DRTNAMSanFranciscoRegistration

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