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This is a Meetup for designers interested in the Sketch App. Join us here to share knowledge, discover tricks, plugins and new workflows or see how others utilise the powerful tool – no matter if you are a newbie or a pro.

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Sketch Munich Meetup - Design Systems Edition

Virtual Identity AG München

Hey lovely Sketch people, looking forward to another Sketch Meetup! SCHEDULE: 🍻18:30 - 19.15 : Socializing 👋🏻19:15 - 19.30 : Welcome by Organizers 🎤19:30 - 20.00 - Talk 1: DesignOps 101 - Florian Krapp 🎤20:00 - 20:30 - Talk 2: Motion Design in Design Systems (Sketch Edition) - Benno Loewenberg, Design Systems & Design Sprints 🎤20:30 - 21:00 Mini Workshop (only if there is time left only): Smart Layout in Sketch 58 - Silvia Bormüller 🎤21:00 - Open Mic Session - The stage is yours - we want to bring the community closer together. Looking for a new job or do you need help? This is your opportunity to get in touch with the community. 22:00 - the end ;) 🎤 Talk 1: Design Ops 101 - Florian Krapp The role of a Designer is constantly changing, one of the newer fields is the field of Design Operations or short DesOps/DesignOps. In my talk I want to give you an overview of this role, showing you the challenges and tasks and giving you some tipps and tricks to start your DesOps career. 🎤 Talk 2: Meaningful motion as part of a design system: Uses of microinteractions and transitions in UI. Integrating animation in design systems. Designing and statically (!) documenting animation with Sketch. ⭐️ Would you like to give a presentation at one of our Meetups? 👉🏻 Get in touch here: http://bit.ly/sketchmunich-speaker ⭐️ Are you interested in promoting your business (tool, plugin, company) or are you looking for new talents? 👉🏻 Get in touch here: http://bit.ly/sketchmunich-sponsoring 🎨 Exclusive Workshops Do you or your company want to learn how to master Sketch and all the advanced techniques like building Design Systems, Versioning, Developer Handoff, Prototyping & more? Reach out to Silvia to book an exclusive training session: [masked]

Freelance Designers & Friends Edition

Hey there, there is a strong freelance design community going on here in Munich. I would love to meet some of you in order to have some drinks & talk about freelance stuff. Every Freelancer and people who are thinking about starting freelancing are welcome, feel free to also join us if you just want to hang out and don't think about freelancing at all. No presentations just chill & chat. We will probably meet at a Bar or Restaurant, I will announce the location soon.

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