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This group aims at gathering people interested in the topic of Smart Microgrids, i.e., local power grid consisting of small power generators and multiple electrical loads. Microgrids tackle the instability introduced by the growing use of renewable energy sources by optimising energy use in order to keep supply and demand in balance. As such, microgrids can scale from room and building size up to a neighbourhood. Energy management includes both automatic means to predict device usage and schedule operation, as well as feedback mechanisms to make supply and demand more visible to users. To achieve this vision various challenges need to be solved such as device and data interoperability, scalability and security of employed data infrastructures, as well as means to model users preferences and automatise device operation. This is a very interdisciplinary topic, and as such involves multiple fields including power electronics, signal processing, privacy, knowledge engineering and semantic reasoning, market mechanisms, multi agent systems, data mining and machine learning, human-computer interaction.

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