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Static Code Analysis - What, why and how...
Hallo liebe Software Crafter, liebe Softwerker, Most bugs in a software product can be traced back to a single place in the code base. Static Code Analysis helps to identify these critical spots before they are causing errors at runtime. It provides us with metrics and points us to critical coding practices. Nowadays a lot of tools are helping us to identify and fix bugs before they explode in the production environment. Considering these facts leads to clean code, which is the base to stay agile and to be able to embrace changes as it is recognized in of the main principles of the agile manifesto: "Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility." After a short introduction and motivation why we should use static code analysis, we'll have a look on some concrete metrics and "code smells" which can be identified by static analysis. We'll discuss how a development team can use these numbers and findings and how they should not use them. We then have a look at the analysis results of a real life open source project and discuss concrete findings and how they can be solved. If there is time left we can implement improvements and contribute them to the project. Wir freuen uns auf Euch Birgit, Georg und Ulrich

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