Worum es bei uns geht

We are startup enthusiasts who meet to network, share experiences and collaborate on great ideas.

We're dedicated to networking ideas, innovation and excellence

Our meet-ups are great for networking, sharing skills and information to help startups, co-founders and accelerators. So, if you are an entrepreneur, co-founder or investor and you answer 'YES' to any of the questions below, then this group is definitely for you!

• If you're an Entrepreneur...share ideas, best practice and lessons learned. It's a great way to learn and talk openly about technology startups, business development and design, and understand how best to prepare for accelerator or venture capital funding.

• If you are a Co-founder.. meet and share great ideas with other co-founders, domain experts and developers looking for just your skillsets to round out their business team?

• If you are an Investor... interested in reducing the legwork needed to find good quality, well prepared co-funders or the next great projects, this is an opportunity for informal meetings with a community of great internet/mobile startups.

We want our members to share the purpose and aim of this meetup and the proactive ideas from our events.

We will be organising all kinds of events, including our "Pre Prom Nite" sessions, to connect great co-founders, investors and developers with innovative entrepreneurs to help create amazing start-ups.

Our community is dedicated to helping, aspiring business developers, professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors. We facilitate knowledge-sharing in an open, creative and productive environment; our aim it to be an informal source of quality leads for co-founders, accelerators and VCs.

We look forward to meeting you all soon over a few snacks and drinks at one of our events!

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