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Startup Fail Berlin
Thats the big idea: Create a "fail culture" in Germany. Thomas Edison: Finally I Found 1000 Ways How Not To Build A Lightbulb. Nothing is wrong with you, once a project fails. You gained experience which cant be bought in bookstore. Startup Fail Meetups (5 to 8 pitches) - present your former project - let the audience know what we can learn from it Be the star of the meetup, pitch for 5 minutes contact before[masked] [masked] - or simply listen to the pitches Free drinks and snacks will be provided. Adress of location will be provided after[masked]

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    Learn from experience - grow better next time

    Thomas Edison: Finally I Know 999 Ways How Not To Make A Lightbulb

    Listen to startups which are no longer in business.
    Why great ideas did not make it?
    What went wrong?

    What can we all learn from it?

    Listen to pitches, learn from experience.

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