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The purpose of this group is to offer a recurring and consistent time and place where developers and entrepreneurs building on Stellar can meet to discuss the technology as well as share stories, resources, and support.

Our meetups will focus on providing support for individuals, projects, and companies actively building on Stellar.

- Connect local entrepreneurs, developers and leaders building on Stellar.
- Facilitate quality discussion and continuous learning for Stellar community members.
- Strengthen the voice of the Stellar community
- Increase engagement between Stellar users

This group is formed and managed by community volunteers. We hope to officially register with the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), though we are not yet registered.

This meetup's activities are organized and funded by community members, through in-kind or financial sponsorship. It is self-sustaining and 100% community owned. GUIDELINES
Please follow SDF's Community Guidelines: https://www.stellar.org/community-guidelines

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Workshop: create a token on Stellar network

The Brass Factory

5,00 $

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