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Stopping Movement Basic Training! EVERY THURSDAY 19:00-21:00!

These are free training evenings for movement lovers! Open for everyone interested in getting to know a unique form of movement training! You like to move ...Here's your chance to train in large group of people who enjoy moving together. All levels of movement ability welcome.

About Stopping Movement Training:

First aim is fun! Then add shifting your attention from your mind and daily stress, toward your body and movement. We train to add more freedom within our movement and to stop routines - routines are the way we always walk, smile, talk, move, sit, laugh, work, behave---actually all of these are movements - and most of them are repetitions that limit our abiltiy to be effecient and have new experiences in life. Do the same - get the same!

Stopping movement aims to evolve our body attention and our perception of the space around us, while becoming free of patterns and habits that we maintain in our bodies.

The training is based on moving with music, within defined parameters such as different areas of the body, different speeds and sizes or level of effort, all of which continuously demand a higher level of control. Different tools, such as balls, sticks and ropes, are also used to encourage new possibilities of movement. By stopping movements within specific limitations and constantly breaking our own routines, the experience of free and unrestricted movement naturally starts to emerge, which is both light and full of power.

Controlling our movement through body - attention rather then through our minds may look from the outside as if we only stop the physical movement, but through this form of training we are actually stopping our never-ending internal dialog, becoming more quiet, focused and directly engaging with our surroundings.

Come try it! look forward to meeting you there and moving with you! Barbara Droubay

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