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Take life by the horns and turn it around to make the life you want.

Like most other people, you probably also have dreams about what you want to achieve in your life. Maybe it is to start a business, to travel around the world or to help people who are in need. Unfortunately, for many of us these ideas never make it into reality.

What keeps you from following through? A lot has to do with mindset, with the attitude you have towards yourself and your environment.

In the group you find like-minded people who have made personal growth their number one priority. Together as a team we work out strategies to overcome mental barriers and develop methods to be more successful.

Some of the areas we look at:

- social skills / interpersonal skills

- success habits

- developing focus and overcoming procrastination

- overcoming fear

It is the contributions and input of its members that makes up the group’s spirit!
UPDATE 02.07.16: It’s amazing to see how the group has grown since February, and so many wonderful and smart people found their way to the meetups!

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