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Whether you're a beginner or regular climber, this group is for expats who enjoys rock climbing, speak English and are looking to regularly meet others at the local gyms and crags.

We are not instructors so if you've never climbed before, keep that in mind. Please tell us in advance if you don't know how to belay at all, or can't lead belay because it then requires someone to teach you and who can't climb.

Since climbing isnt possible without a partner, the idea here is to (1) meet new people and (2) With enough people, everyone always has a partner even when some people can't make it

We also do not rent gear although if you need something, particularly on trips outdoors, chances are we have extra and can lend it to you.

Additionally, you can find English language climbing info at Climb Germany (https://www.climbgermany.com).

Climb On,


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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar

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