Swiss Angular: PWA with Angular and Firebase & Ionic 4: The best Ionic yet

Swiss Angular
Swiss Angular
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Impact Hub Colab - Loft Corner, 4th floor

Sihlquai 131 · Zürich

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Located on the top floor at Colab

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18:00 Angular PWA with Angular & Firebase - Offline web applications don't exist anymore! (Francesco Leardini)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) enhance web applications and make them ready for the future. One of the most important features of PWAs is their offline capability. Offline capability avoids connectivity issues and drastically improves the user experience. In this session we dive into the world of PWAs using the Angular framework and Cloud Firestore Database.

About the Speaker
Francesco Leardini started his IT career with WinForms, WCF web services and DB migrations from Oracle to SQL Server, before falling in love with JavaScript and Angular! He works as consultant at Trivadis AG where he has the opportunity to contribute to internal and customer projects, using his know how on full stack development.

You can find him at:

19:00: Ionic 4: The best Ionic yet! (Remote Call with Mike Hartington)

For the past few months, the Ionic team has been hidden away, tinkering on a new version of the framework. Well, thankfully, the team has come out of their cave with a new version of the framework all centered around the latest features in Angular and web components. We'll go over what's new in Ionic 4.0 and how this release better aligns with the great Angular ecosystem.

About the speaker Mike Hartington:
As Ionic's Developer Advocate and a Google Developer Expert, Mike helps developers while they're building their apps and also frequently speaks and writes about Ionic. In his spare time, Mike makes furniture, plays guitar, and enjoys a good scotch. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

You can learn more about him at:

This meetup is in English and is free of charge.


Many thanks to the Offering Solutions Software GmbH and the Developer Academy Switzerland for sponsoring this event.