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.CH Zurich Gratis Chinese Cantonese Introduction (Beginner) / 免費粵語入門班 (初級)
Cantonese is widely spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, south-eastern China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and where Chinese are located globally. Be it personal interest, canto-pop music, authentic southern Chinese Kung Fu like Wing Chun (Ving Tsun), travel, work requirements, love or simply out of curiosity, you are invited to join us in this (free) introduction to the Chinese Cantonese language event. No prior knowledge in any Chinese languages or dialects needed. Suitable for all learning levels, refreshers and other Chinese mother-tongue speakers (Mandarin, etc.). Lessons will be conducted in English, German and other languages, if available. Look out for our group logo to locate us! This bar/restaurant is just beside the Irish bar across Europaalle (Zürich HB). Nearest tram station = Zürich, Sihlpost/HB. No-show = group automatically disbands ~45 minutes from start time and may void your future participation. ---------- Kantonesisch ist meist gesprochen in Hongkong, Macau, südöstliche China, Singapur, Malaysia, Vietnam und wo Chinesen sind weltweit. Egal aus persönlichen Gründen, Kanto-pop Musik, authentisch süd-chinesiche Kung-Fu wie Wing Chun (Ving Tsun), Reise-, Arbeitszwecke, Liebe oder einfach Neugier, Sie sind herzlich willkommen, an diesem (gratis) Einführungsevent der chinesischen Kantonesisch Sprache teilzunehmen. Kenntnisse in chinesich Sprachen oder Dialekte nicht erforderlich. Diese Veranstaltung eignet sich für Lernende aller Niveaus, Wiedereinsteiger und andere chinesische Muttersprachler (Mandarin, usw.). Lektionen werden auf englisch, deutsch und andere Sprachen durchgeführt (Änderungen vorbehalten). Pass auf unseres Gruppelogo auf, um uns zu orten! Die Bar/das Restaurant befindet sich neben der irländischen Bar gegenüberliegend Europaalle (Zürich HB). Nächste Tramhaltestelle = Zürich, Sihlpost/HB. No-show = die Gruppe wird nach ~45 Min. von Startzeit automatisch aufgelöst, wobei Ihre zukünftige Teilnahme ungültig betrachtet werden könnte.

BECKERIA (Europaalle Zürich HB)

Lagerstrasse 33, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland · Zürich

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Swiss (Zürich) Chinese Cantonese Culture & Language

According to Wikipedia*, Chinese Cantonese 粵語 / 廣東話 / 白話 is spoken by as many Italian speakers and is ranked just outside the top 20 most spoken languages worldwide. Cantonese is the main lingua franca of Hong Kong, Macau and Southeastern regions in China. It is also widely spoken in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia), in Chinatowns overseas and where Chinese community is present around the globe.

Historically, traditional Cantonese can be traced further back to Middle Chinese, a language spoken by Han Chinese people of the Tang Empire than Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Peking dialect, which was created barely 300 years ago). If chanted in Mandarin, most medieval Chinese poems will not rhyme but will do so only using Cantonese.

From popular original HK box-office film hits, Cantopop to world famous Cantonese cuisines like Dim Sum, or perhaps working or traveling in HK/Macau and to establish a business gateway to mainland China, there's no better time to learn this living language, ranked as the third most spoken Chinese language in the world (behind Mandarin and Wu).

Thanks to Bruce Lee and dedicated practitioners everywhere, the language of traditional, authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu 詠春拳 remains as Cantonese. Whether you are a beginner, fluent or native Chinese speaker, you are encouraged to join our little family here in Zürich to learn more about our mother tongue and fascinating culture (and make new friends along the way!)

Our main language focus is on Cantonese where other Chinese languages (Mandarin, etc.) are also represented in our group.

Lessons will be conducted in Mandarin, English, German and other languages, if available.


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