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This group is set up for learning and discussing anything related to Systems Thinking and Systems Practice. The term "Systems Thinking" can be related to the overall concept of Systems Sciences as well as to one of its sub-disciplines founded by Peter Senge (also called "Qualitative System Dynamics").

This group is founded by the organizational developer of the Digital Lab FTWK. The motivation is to foster the Systems approach, bring it to the world and be fostered by using it. We invite everyone who is interested in the subject, who wants learn from and to contribute to it.

Since Systems Sciences are a broad field providing a meta-language for many fields of application, it doesn't matter if your backround or interest is more related to the natural sciences, computational models or social sciences and practice. Also, every school of thought is welcome (e.g. General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, System Dynamics, Chaos Theory, Synergetics, Fractal Theory, Complexity Sciences, Learning Organization, Social Systems, Systemic Coaching and Therapy, Self-Organisation in general etc.).

Finally, we also want to invite people who are actually not affiliated with Systems Thinking but curious to know what the approach has to offer, may it be just for personal joy or to enhance your work in science, organizations and organizational development, sustainability, leadership, coaching, human resource, innovation, marketing, service design, Design Thinking or anything else.

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