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TEDxTUHH is an independently organized TED event at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Once a year we feature an idea conference (described below). Throughout the year we organise different live stream events such as TEDxTUHHLive or TEDxTUHHWomen.

TEDxTUHH idea conferences feature a variety of live speakers from different fields with regard to their experience, projects or professional occupation and the overall theme of each event. In addition, there will be performances and we will show you a few of our favorite TED Talks. Following TEDxTUHH, there will be a reception with food and drinks and it is our hope that you take this chance to talk to the speakers you have heard and amongst yourselves – you are all, after all, very interesting and creative people!

Find out more on our website: , like us on Facebook: TEDxTUHH ( follow us on Twitter: TEDxTUHH on Twitter (

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